Sign Here – Claudia Lux

This was a PATREON PICK! Hannah read Sign Here, a fun novel filled with dark humor and thrilling tales about one soul’s job in the deals department of Hell, and his story of hitting five people in one family to promise their souls for all eternity.

I feel like this book is not comparable to many other novels I’ve read, but I also fight the urge to compare it to Light from Uncommon Stars and Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, so I won’t say this book is exactly like them, but boy do they give off the same energy! This book has the Good Omens of a demon culture that is depraved, but still annoyed with people who suck. Meeting Peyote in his millenia of service, and his details of the working of how Hell works, was so humorous and interesting. There were certain things that were easy to predict and certain things that were so unexpected that I was excited to keep reading. His journey with Calamity (and even with their annoying coworker) was so fun! What an interesting take on Hell as a corporate entity.

The Light from Uncommon Stars comes from the outer world. You have people who are unique in the fact that they are like any other family, with complicated feelings and actions. They are also filled with generations of people who sold their souls to make sure the family will be successful or protected, and boy is that interesting to think about. We learn a lot about what humans are willing to sell their souls for and what families can do to move forward. I loved learning more about the Harrison family and their overall plot.

This book has a lot of themes about being a good person, people who do bad things, and what it means to make promises now that you can regret for the rest of your life. I will say that the end lost me a little bit, but it also gives the book a bit more of a thriller edge. And for someone who has had an issue with thrillers, this one was able to give it a fun and unique spin!

Overall, well done! And thank you to all our Patrons who make the podcast possible. I am so glad that this was the first one out of the gate!!

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