Sign Here – Claudia Lux

This was a PATREON PICK! Hannah read Sign Here, a fun novel filled with dark humor and thrilling tales about one soul’s job in the deals department of Hell, and his story of hitting five people in one family to promise their souls for all eternity. I feel like this book is not comparable toContinue reading “Sign Here – Claudia Lux”

The Pearl Hunter – Miya T. Beck

While twin sisters Kai and Kishi do everything together, they could not be more different. Kishi is the “golden child” to Kai’s “trouble-maker.” As the only children in a pearl diving family, the sisters are honored to continue their family’s tradition of pearl diving and selling pearls to noble houses in the Heiwadai Empire. WhenContinue reading “The Pearl Hunter – Miya T. Beck”

Goodbye to the Sun – Jonathan Nevair

On the desert planet of Kol 2, the Motes have been oppressed for years by the Targitians, and long to regain their freedom within the Sagittarius Arm. A resistance is developing. The Motes, led by the pilot Razor, abduct the influential ambassador Keen Draeden in order to broker a deal for their independence. However, whenContinue reading “Goodbye to the Sun – Jonathan Nevair”