Paladin Unbound – Jeffrey Speight

I, Hannah, read Paladin Unbound by Jeffrey Speight. This action-packed novel mixes a group of interesting characters and puts them against a god. In the first few chapters we meet Umhra, a half-orc, half-human mercenary who starts the novel off with a secret. I enjoyed Speight’s way of building on Umhra, and his early chapters threw me for a loop and upset what I expected! I was so shocked with some of the decisions he made, and it made the book have greater stakes as we went into more of the plot.

I don’t want to get into too many of the characters because some of the best moments in this book happen when you discover characters and their background. Speight is great and letting the characters and settings unfold naturally, making each of the characters someone you would love to spend a book with and learn more about. I almost want to ask him to give us prequels on a few of the characters and their escapades. The history a few of them have are unparalleled and would do so well in a background setting!!

I will also say, as someone who doesn’t have a ton of experience with D&D, this book felt like a perfect campaign of a novel. There were side quests and action packed scenes. There were settings of villainy and large fights! It was really wonderful. I loved the way Speight dropped us in on some of the more evil characters, and really gave them legs. I was so fascinated with what was going on, and where Speight will take the books in future instillations!

Overall, I am so happy I got to read this!! If you are looking for a great epic with interesting heroes who wish to fight against evil, look no further!

One thought on “Paladin Unbound – Jeffrey Speight

  1. I really had fun reading this one too! I like what you said about the villains too because I still recall them although it’s been a year since I read it. I am pretty excited for Mystic Reborn in a few days!


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