Seasons of Albadone by Christopher Warman and Élan Marché

“In the beginning of time, the True One created all that ever was.” The land was blessed with the True One’s creation: beautiful waters, forests, and skies. The guardians (dragons, griffons,and mers), however, were not content with this creation and asked for more, resulting in the True One’s creation of four unique seasons. When the melk offered their thanks to the True One for His creation, they were rewarded with a land of wonders to care for, and they named this land Albadone.”

Seasons of Albadone

I, Laura, read Seasons of Albadone. It is a story told in seasons, and each season brings a unique and heartbreaking tale to life. The seasons each follow the point of view of a different character linked to Albadone, the life energy pulsing throughout the land, and the other characters. The stories all have a gothic/folklore feel and are full of unexpected twists reminding us that our actions all come with a price. Although this is a short book, the plots, characters, and worldbuilding are complete within each season/story. 

I found myself immediately connected to the characters because of their flaws and hopefulness, which felt deeply relatable. I also loved that the authors presented situations from a “grayer” standpoint morally. While the book handles heavy topics and is shocking at times, I also found the writing and setting to be very cozy despite some heartbreaking moments.

This book was so easy to immerse myself in, the writing was beautiful, and I found the concept incredibly unique. I’m really excited to read the next addition to The Eighth Chant series and see where the authors take us next! 

I would highly recommend this book to lovers of: cozy fantasy; morally gray characters/situations; not so happy endings; fairy tales. 

5 out of 5 stars
CW: alcoholism; violence; death; abuse; fire/burn victim recovery; addiction; chronic illness

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