IndieMission Pt. 3

Y’all, its the next round of IndieMission!!!! We are currently doing #IndiePalooza, but we will be heading into a deep dive into an Indie author after Murderbot Diaries Diaries, and you get to pick the book!!! Hannah randomized the lineup, but without further ado, here it is!!

We will be voting on each of the books starting tomorrow, March 9, and will take breaks on the weekend until we have a pick! This time around we will have two votes simultaneously, because Murderbot is close to being done and we want everyone to have time to purchase the next read! So make sure you’re seeking out both votes each day!

Left Side Brackets!

Vultures by Luke Tarzian: The heart of a demon lives and must be destroyed. One man believes he can do this, but war spares no one .

Small Places by Matthew Samuels: A boy meets a witch once upon a time. Thirteen years later, she needs his help finding out what is messing with an earth Spirit.

The Drift by Casie Aufenthie: In a future where the human race has split into three species, the mentally-evolved Illuminatos have conquered the other two in a brutal Evolutionary War. Now, the seven most powerful Illuminatos, the Council, control the Earth, ruling over the other two human species through violent oppression.

The Thirteenth Hour by Trudie Skies: Cruel gods rule the steam-powered city of Chime, demanding worship and tribute from their mortal subjects. A woman becomes a most wanted person after she kills a mortal.

Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire: It was only supposed to be one little job – a simple curse-breaking for Mennik Thorn to pay back a favour to his oldest friend. But then it all blew up in his face. Now he’s been framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

Paladin Unbound by Jeffrey Speight: The last of a dying breed, a holy warrior must rise up against a growing darkness in Evelium. A lowly mercenary must solve a rash of disappearances.

The Chrysillium Tree by Laken Honeycutt: Separated from her family and her homeland, Mæve Faolái struggles to navigate her new life in the Palace of Light. She longs for freedom and to find her parents. But once Mæve learns the vile truth involving the Azantium exploitation of the Lumani’s sacred Chrysillium trees, she shares these secrets with a Lumani man in the woods. When things take an unexpected turn, Mæve finds herself caught between a forbidden love and a burgeoning rebellion as she awakens a part of herself long forgotten

Seasons of Albadone by Elan Marche: Four stories. Four Destinies. All align. An aspiring enchantress, a drunken father, a foreman and a mother. A twisted world of beauty and darkness.

Illborn by Daniel T. Jackson: After 800 years of a person ascended into heaven, four men and one women develop abilities. Can they survive when this is forbidden?

The Fires of Treason by Michele Quirke: Princess Elizabeth has always idolized and supported her older brother, but when Greg is accused of treason and banished, her loyalty to him is tested in ways she never could’ve imagined.

Empire’s Daughter by Marian L. Thorpe: Lena’s world is about to change forever. Harried from north and south by two different enemies, both wanting this last remnant of a greater Empire’s land, and with invasion imminent, the military leaders see no choice but to ask the unthinkable: that women learn to fight.

We Break Immortals by Thomas Howard Riley: A drug addict who hunts sorcerers down by tracking their magick, the most renowned swordsman no one has ever heard of, and a thieving magick-wielding woman hellbent on revenge collide during a last ditch effort to stop an insane superhuman serial killer from making himself a god.

Right Side Brackets

The Mountain of Souls by Marcus Lee: When Malina is sold at an auction block, she fears life will take a turn for the worse. But even her darkest nightmares are nothing compared to the reality of what she faces when she’s delivered to the Mountain of Souls. Thrust into a brutal selection process where failure means death, Malina must train and fight not only to survive but to prove herself worthy to serve.

Drywolf by Kat Kinney: Lea Wylder has spent so long hunting werewolves that now one is stalking her in her sleep. In the unforgiving forests of the north, shape-shifting wolves have enslaved the sole human city for hundreds of miles, driving survivors up into the mountains. When Lea tracks a shifter and finds him caught in a trap, she’s convinced he’s the white wolf from her dreams. Not that it matters. He’s one of them. And they’re at war. Or will she?

The Sword in the Street by C.M. Caplan: Hired blades ought to be better at making ends meet. John Chronicle bleeds his patron’s foes in savage duels. While he’s disgusted by the petty grievances and corporate laws he champions, even the promise of security is better than nothing at all. But how long can he depend on a wage that barely pays enough to cover his rent?

We Men of Ash and Shadow by H.L. Tinsley: A #Benfluenced pick, this book takes a mercenary who wants to repent for his misdeeds, and makes him into an unlikely mentor of a skilled would-be assassin.

The Living Waters by Dan Fitzgerald: A lighter fantasy novel where two people are sucked into mythical wetlands. They are led into a troubled, hidden space. Adventure abound!

Shadowless by Randall McNally: What if the gods want you dead? A young boy lies on a beach on a warm summer’s day. While trying to block the sun from his eyes Arpherius makes a shocking discovery; he has no shadow. Confused and bewildered he asks his uncle why he is shadowless. 

Fortune’s Fool by Angela Boord: A secret affair. A disfiguring punishment. A burning need for revenge. A woman once in the throws of silk and wealth is now with mercenaries and danger. What will happen next?

Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw: A woman who steals memories in this dark fantasy novel. A person who wants to restore the thoughts he lost. A grim novel with characters galore.

Fairy Godmurder by Sarah J. Sover: Gwendolyn Evenshine thought being a fairy godmother would be cut and dried—take on a charge, solve a royal problem, and return to the Academy for her next assignment. But she got too close. When the beloved Princess Francesca is brutally murdered on her watch, Gwen refuses to resume her fairy godmother duties. Instead, she laces her docs and hits the streets of Boston in search of the bastard who took Frankie from her, a serial killer who operates in lunar cycles.

The Part about the Dragon Was (Mostly) True by Sean Gibson: A humorous tale about the tale of the dragon, the finding of treasure, and how telling things like it is may make a lot of things seem much more serious and much less heroic.

Legacy of the Brightwash by Krystal Matar: A man who believes in the law. His beliefs questioned. A mystery surrounding a body washed up on the shore. Will his morals finally break?

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care & Feeding of British Dragons by Quenby Olson: A spinster suddenly becomes the keeper of a dragon in this tale. She was supposed to have a lethargic life, and now she is thrust into romance, drama, and everything in between.

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