The Part about the Dragon Was (Mostly) True by Sean Gibson

I, Laura, read The Part About The Dragon Was (Mostly) True. This delightful tale is the story of how the village (or possibly town, depending on the circumstances…It’s a whole thing.) of Skendrick was terrorized by a terrible dragon and then saved by an unlikely band of heroes. Told by the stunningly beautiful, smart, hilarious, and brave Heloise the bard, readers learn the truth (we think) about the slaying of the horrific dragon.

This book is so much fun! I rarely encounter a book where I am literally laughing out loud, but this one had me cackling. (My husband didn’t appreciate my laughter when he was trying to sleep. Lol.) TPATDW(M)T is full of one-liners, random tangents, poop jokes, amazing miscommunications between characters, and hilarious names (looking at you, Alderman Alderman). The characters in the story are lovable, unique, and let’s face it, a little dumb (but in the absolute best way). 

I especially loved the character of Heloise. A half-elf with a tendency for snark, Heloise adds so much to the story and I definitely need to read more about this beautiful, confident, amazing bard and her adventures. Heloise’s ragtag crew includes: Rumscrabble Tooltinker (Rummy), the half-dwarf, half-halfling, who is also an illusionist; Borg, the rock giant, known for muscle and being a little slow; Whiska, the Ratarian wizard, whose anger gets the best of her at times; and Nadinta Ghettinwood (or Nadi) the elf, who is always working to prove herself. Their banter, miscommunications, and stumbles throughout their journey really made me root for them and proved that epic stories don’t always happen in the most glamorous and heroic ways. 

This is a fantasy book that pokes fun at fantasy, fantasy tropes, and itself! I would highly recommend TPATDW(M)T to anyone who appreciates a fart joke, innuendo, and loves miscommunications between characters. Gibson has done a wonderful job creating a fast-paced, mixed-up ride of a fantasy story that is an absolute joy to read.

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