OWWR Pod February She Wrote Recommendations

Ben from Literature and Lofi is doing a month of reading books with people who use she/her pronouns! In honor of that, Laura and Hannah prepared a few authors that are worth reading!

Ryka Aoki: Why not start the month off right and kill two birds with one stone. Read Ryka Aoki’s works. Hannah and Laura are covering Light from Uncommon Stars as OWWR own Standalone February, so this is the perfect time to read it before we cover the plot on Wednesday!

Toni Morrison: Morrison is amazing. With the fact that February is also Black History Month, it’s a great time to read one of her books. She packs a punch on classism, colorism, and intersectionality. There is a reason Morrison is one of our most prolific writers. Reading her books makes you feel things, and we both highly recommend reading her.

Madeline Miller: Laura loves both books she has read by Miller. Hannah has read Circe, and we have gotten other friends to read Miller and they all love her. Miller takes old Greek stories and makes them her own. She gives the stories new life in such a unique way. We cannot recommend her books enough.

Talia Hibbert: If you want a fun little romp, pick up Hibbert. She writes amazing romance novels featuring different types of characters. No book is the same. The love interests are fun, the storylines bring joy, and overall who doesn’t want a little bit of romance in February?

Marissa Meyer: Laura has been enjoying the Lunar Chronicles series, and this post reminded her she should definitely continue reading! These books tell an interesting flip of fairytales, using androids and humans. The fate of the world rests on a cyborg. Check them out for some interesting magic and dystopia all in one.

Margaret Atwood: Atwood is definitely an interesting writer. She writes different genres, different stories, but always telling different stories about women. If you are looking for books with a darker side, this is a great author to turn to.

R.F. Kuang: Laura has been working her way through the Poppy Wars, and is loving every minute of it. The main character is dark and flawed, and the overall story is so interesting and unique. These books are everywhere, so why not pick them up this month??

Fonda Lee: So Hannah just started the Green Bone Saga, but she loved the first book. Lee is so good at world building. The way she creates characters and there flaws is interesting and unique, and my god the family dynamics ebb in flow in such a fun way. Definitely fun for an interesting book about ruling families and how they are leading up to a war.

Marjorie M. Liu: Laura and Hannah have been enjoying the Monstress series. It is good and, again, the world building is amazing. The characters are complicated and dark, and the storyline is amazing for this and upon reread. With February being a short month, this graphic novel series is perfect to pick up!

Emily Henry: Hannah loves Beach Read. Just read Beach Read. Come on, do it now!

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