OWWR Playlist

If there is something that we really get into on OWWR Podcast (besides books), it’s usually music. We often drop random musical lines, songs, and everything in between. Off the podcast, we both love listening to music. We tend to have different styles of listening, and so we made a playlist to see what would happen. What did happen is a bit chaotic, a bit fun and sad at the same time, and definitely an assortment of songs that really define who we are as people.

Laura: I picked some of my favorite feel-good music for the playlist. Songs that I love to belt out or dance along with, some country music faves, and of course a handful of selections from musicals. You might even notice some songs we had mentioned in episodes of OWWR pod (looking at you, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers). I hope that you enjoy some of my selections and sing/dance along if you feel the urge to do so.

Hannah: My music taste is very…sad. I feel like that is the best way to put it. My roommate once heard me listening to music and asked if I was okay because it was incredibly reflective and emotional. I just like music that I can feel in my soul, something that makes me think and feel in my body. I also love anything that is Indie or Bluegrass, so my country picks tend to have that flavor to them. It doesn’t necessarily make sense with all Laura’s picks, as she is definitely the joy part to OWWR Pod. It may not come across like it on the show, but I am definitely the one to sit under a blanket listening to sad music and reading books more often than not.

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