OWWR Favorite Bookish Products

Everyone buys into some type of literary hype. Whether you collect books, bookmarks, pictures of books, we all have our things. So Laura curated a list of bookish products she loves:

Library Scented Candles

Book lovers love anything to remind them of their favorite thing, books! These library scented candles make you feel like you’re searching the stacks for your next read. I purchased my library scented candles from a local small business owner, but here’s the link to a shop on Etsy that has great candles, too.

Book Sleeves

Have book, will travel. A book sleeve is a great way to always have your book ready to be cracked open and kept safe when you’re on the move. My book sleeve came from BookSaks and I love it for carrying paperbacks and my iPad.

Nessie Bookmark

I’m usually one who will grab whatever bookmark, receipt, or scrap piece of paper available to keep my place. However, my friend got me a Loch Ness monster bookmark for my birthday and now it’s one of my favorites and my go-to bookmark for chunky novels.

Rechargeable Night Light

Reading before bed has always been my favorite way to wind down, but for some reason my husband doesn’t like it when I keep all the lights on in our bedroom while he’s trying to get some sleep. Weird. This book light is great. It has two lights so that I can easily see both pages of my current read and is rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about switching out batteries.

Wooden Page Holders

My dad makes these, so I am a little biased when I say that I think they are cool. But really these page holders make it easier to keep your book open with one hand and save you from some pesky hand cramps. Here’s the link to some on Etsy.

Book Journal

While we all love GoodReads, there’s still something extra special about writing and recording your thoughts in a journal. I love this Book Lover’s Journal. It has the space to record your thoughts/reviews of almost 70 books, manage your TBR, and keep track of your favorite books and authors.

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