OWWR Favorite Book Shops

So there is always something about a favorite bookstore. We all have one, and after years of friendship Laura and Hannah definitely have ours. Overall, we prefer independent bookstores over the larger chains and often make sure we are using products that will give back to a bookstore. Although we aren’t above a large chain and recognize that it can often provide a better collection of books is great. Large chains can often give deals to people who can’t afford some of the higher costs of independent bookstores. So if that’s where you go, no judgments or worries. But if you’d like to check out some indie (or even thrifty) bookstores, here are a few of our suggestions.

  1. Bookshop.org (www.bookshop.org)
    This website is wonderful if you have a favorite bookstore where you can’t always order in store or live farther away. Some newer stores really only have BookShop. The benefit is you get to support independent bookstores in the process. Bookshop’s mission is to provide an online outlet for customers to get books and still financially contribute to indie bookstores. A portion of each sale is given to indies across the United States, and you can even choose your local bookstore from a map so that they receive full profit from the sale!
  2. OpenBooks (www.shopopenbooks.com)
    Open Books is a non-profit bookstore in Chicago that helps to provide literacy experiences through the sale of their used and new books (books are all donated or from grants). You can donate books, buy in-store, pick-up in store, or shop online. Laura and Hannah love this place and Hannah has it as her number one bookstore in she visits.
  3. Libro.fm (www.libro.fm)
    Libro.fm is an excellent alternative to buy audiobooks. You can select a monthly subscription ($14.99/month) or buy books a la carte. All proceeds are split between Libro and the local indie bookstore of your choice. This is how Hannah buys her Wheel of Time books!
  4. Semicolon Bookstore (https://www.semicolonchi.com/)
    If you don’t have a bookstore you love, Hannah suggests Semicolon in Chicago. It is a Black woman owned bookstore that focuses on diverse reads. They are amazing and have grown so much over the past few years. It’s beautiful to see.
  5. ThriftBooks (www.thriftbooks.com)
    ThriftBooks is one of the best ways to acquire cheap, used books. Most used copies are around $4 and orders of $10 or more ship for free! They also have an app and offer promo codes throughout the year.
  6. Alibris (www.alibris.com)
    Alibris is an online store where you can find books, comics, movies and textbooks. Used and new copies are available for purchase, as Alibris works with used book sellers and thrift stores to provide items for customers. They often have great deals on books and many qualify for free shipping.

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