WOT Characters as Zodiac Signs

After seven books with the Wheel of Time characters, we have discovered so much about them. Their likes, there dislikes. What makes Nynaeve angry. It’s been a wild ride. But now we must ask the important questions: What are their zodiac signs.

Min is an Aquarius

Aquarius is a water sign that is advanced, self-reliant, clever, and optimistic. They stand out as unorthodox and are very forward-thinking people. They have poor tempers and often want things to be futuristic. They also hate being emotionally exposed. I chose Min, our aura reader for this. She sees the future and is one of the most self-reliant characters in the series, often being alone and taking care of herself (at least until she meets up with Rand in later books). She also gets irritated with him and yells at him a lot. You may ask “isn’t that all women in this series” and the answer is yes, but she is still the best for who she is as an advanced character who wears pants.

Perrin is a Pisces

So Hannah may be tooting her own horn here, because she too is a Pisces. But Pisces are incredibly sensitive people who care about the feelings of others around them. Perrin is definitely this guy. He is incredibly sensitive, often trying to see things from others perspectives. He is also incredibly self-sacrificing. He wants to live a small life but can’t help trying to take care of others around him. He can’t help it and just wants others to be happy. This has a toxic side, though, where they have a hard time letting things go. That, plus, the fact that Pisces do often let their minds wander and are in a fantasy world all the time, may explain away how he doesn’t realize how unhappy his marriage is.

Mat is an Aries

Aries are natural born leaders. They’re courageous and determined. They are also known to take extreme action in life. However, this has its breaking point. Aries is also unbelievably impatient and moody. They are impulsive and can be aggressive and vent anger to people. And that is all Mat. He has become a leader of men who is determined. He understand battle, but he also is incredibly impatient and impulsive with his actions. What a fire sign.

Lan is a Taurus

Unfortunately, Taurus is supposed to be the practical and well-grounded, romantic but reliable. There are not a ton that fit that bill in the land of Robert Jordan. But of the people, Lan seems to fit the bill the most. He is reliable and patient (he has to be to be with Nynaeve). He is romantic and he enjoys poetry. However, he hates sudden changes and isn’t into complications. And that is our boy Lan. He is grounded, he is there. He is a man with a sword.

Aviendha is Gemini

Was this the hardest sign for Hannah to write because Laura is this sign? Yes. Did she read Gemini descriptions and think that Foo Foo could be a Gemini? Yes. Was she too afraid of Laura to do this? I invoke the Fifth Amendment and will not incriminate myself. But Geminis are curious. They want to know everything. They constantly worry over being misinterpreted and Overall, Aviendha is beginning to be a character who fundamentally wants to understand others but sometimes is worried about how her words are often misconstrued. Plus, she is constantly expressing herself.

Rand is a Cancer

Why are two ta’veren water signs? Mostly because Hannah says so, but hear me out. Cancers are incredibly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. They are caring and protective, albeit overbearing. They are also very loyal. However, they can be overly sensitive and moody when it comes down to it when the are upset or uncomfortable. They can also be vindictive if they’ve been wronged. Rand fits this bill to a T. He loves his friends and his lover(s), and he is all emotion. However, the second someone wrongs him, he works against them and loses all trust. What’s his sign? He’s a cancer (that’s a song).

Elayne is a Leo

Elayne is 100% a Leo. Leos are natural born leaders who have drive but are considerate and big-hearted. They are generous and self-assured. However, Leos are often seen as bragging because their way of sharing is to tell people of all their accomplishments. Further, Leos like to feel important and be recognized as themselves. This is definitely Elayne. She is a leader through it all and she is incredibly self-assured. She’s great with people, but does want to be recognized for her importance as a future queen. All hail the Leo.

Nynaeve is a Virgo

Virgos are known as perfectionists and are known for finding patterns. They are finicky and critical to a fault. Even if their house is cluttered, it’s fine and clean because they know where everything is. They are also incredibly intelligent but have trouble expressing themselves. All a Virgo wants is to be useful. This is all Nynaeve. She is the in-house person of criticism and denying when she can be a bit hypocritical. She is intelligent and definitely works hard to see where there is a pattern that she can unravel. She is also terrible at expressing herself and would rather go bald than stop tugging on that braid.

Moiraine is a Libra

The scales of justice sit on Moiraine as Libra. Libras are hard characters to pin down because they often seem contradictory in nature, and will mirror back to people what they see in themselves. They are empathetic and want to be valued for their charm. They also tend to avoid conflict. They get most angry when the world isn’t the way they think it should be. Moiraine isn’t a perfect Libra by any means, but these traits of a Libra definitely track with Moiraine. She is contradictory to a lot of people, at once being steadfast and in the next breath agreeing to go along with Rand. She sees all sides like a Libra, and she often is good at making the world work in the best way possible. She is also not really that into conflict if you think hard enough about it.

Berelain and Faile Scorpio

Scorpios are incredibly complex and difficult people to know. They are often double-sided in their communications with you and can pretty much see into your soul. They probe and push and find out a pressure point. Even if they are seen as popular, they are often lonely. They are blunt but not tactless. Overall, this has to be Berelain, OWWR Pod’s most controversial “besides her treatment of Perrin, is she that bad?” She is just ruling others and taking names. Honestly, Foo Foo is also a scorpio. No wonder they hate each other.

Loial is Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are principled in what they want to do. They want to discover the whole universe inside of themselves and can be reckless in their pursuit of what they want. They are warrior-poets. However, they can be too aspirational and it is hard for them to accept simple joys in life. They have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, but are perpetually restless. Again, not a perfect comparison, but Loial is our adventurer of the ogiers. He left his stedding and is running from it as fast as he can so he can see the world. While he is not “hasty” he is restless and wants to create in the world and needs it. He goes and never looks back.

Egwene is a Capricorn

Capricorns are the boss bitches of the world. They are the responsible friend motivated by duty. They don’t want attention for their looks or style or ingenuity, they just want respect. They are constantly competing with themselves and are masters of discipline and have definite self-criticism. They literally collect responsibility. But they can also become irritable and fussy. This is EGWENE! Although we don’t know where she is on her journey, so far she has just been a collector of duty and learning. She wants to be in power and she is willing to work for it and make sure she earns respect through any means.

What do you guys think? Have I hit the nail on the head or is my very little understanding of some of these signs gotten me completely off base.

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  1. HAHA I love that the picture for Nyneave has her pulling her hair. Brilliant!

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    > OwwrPod posted: ” After seven books with the Wheel of Time characters, we > have discovered so much about them. Their likes, there dislikes. What makes > Nynaeve angry. It’s been a wild ride. But now we must ask the important > questions: What are their zodiac signs. Min ” >

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