The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie

Hannah read The Blade Itself last month, and has not gotten around to writing a review until now. But the Blade Itself sets up the First Law Trilogy within Abercrombie’s universe of books. It is a grimdark novel that is incredibly witty and a great setup for a series that should be interesting to diveContinue reading “The Blade Itself – Joe Abercrombie”

Laura’s Audiobook Recommendations

Laura is much more well adept to discuss audiobook recommendations. Hannah mostly uses them for Wheel of Time or for her nonfiction books that she really wants to read (Malcolm Gladwell for the win). But overall, here are some of her favorite recommendations. 1. The Godfather by Mario Puzo narrated by Joe Mantegna (18 hrsContinue reading “Laura’s Audiobook Recommendations”

WOT Characters as Zodiac Signs

After seven books with the Wheel of Time characters, we have discovered so much about them. Their likes, there dislikes. What makes Nynaeve angry. It’s been a wild ride. But now we must ask the important questions: What are their zodiac signs. Min is an Aquarius Aquarius is a water sign that is advanced, self-reliant,Continue reading “WOT Characters as Zodiac Signs”

Books to Get You Ready for Spooky Season

As fall descends (or waits to descend on us), Laura and Hannah prepared a list of horror films that at least one of them enjoyed. Some of these are lighter on the horror, but are atmospherically fall. One of us has read each of these books and approve of them for this list. Hannah’s favoriteContinue reading “Books to Get You Ready for Spooky Season”

Why We Made OWWR Podcast

My best friend and I have known each other since I was 19 and she was 18. We met when she was entering the same university as I was. We had actually never met, but were from rival high schools. I mentioned this to her and she looked me up and down and said “Oh.”Continue reading “Why We Made OWWR Podcast”

No Gods, No Monsters – Cadwell Turnball

Hannah read No Gods, No Monsters, which was recently published on September 7, 2021. It is an urban fantasy novel that begins with a Black man who is shot by a police officer. What happens next is a very specific storyline of monsters existing in our own world. Turnball posits that they have been aroundContinue reading “No Gods, No Monsters – Cadwell Turnball”