Sign Here – Claudia Lux

This was a PATREON PICK! Hannah read Sign Here, a fun novel filled with dark humor and thrilling tales about one soul’s job in the deals department of Hell, and his story of hitting five people in one family to promise their souls for all eternity. I feel like this book is not comparable toContinue reading “Sign Here – Claudia Lux”

The Pearl Hunter – Miya T. Beck

While twin sisters Kai and Kishi do everything together, they could not be more different. Kishi is the “golden child” to Kai’s “trouble-maker.” As the only children in a pearl diving family, the sisters are honored to continue their family’s tradition of pearl diving and selling pearls to noble houses in the Heiwadai Empire. WhenContinue reading “The Pearl Hunter – Miya T. Beck”

Seasons of Albadone by Christopher Warman and Élan Marché

“In the beginning of time, the True One created all that ever was.” The land was blessed with the True One’s creation: beautiful waters, forests, and skies. The guardians (dragons, griffons,and mers), however, were not content with this creation and asked for more, resulting in the True One’s creation of four unique seasons. When theContinue reading “Seasons of Albadone by Christopher Warman and Élan Marché”

The Part about the Dragon Was (Mostly) True by Sean Gibson

I, Laura, read The Part About The Dragon Was (Mostly) True. This delightful tale is the story of how the village (or possibly town, depending on the circumstances…It’s a whole thing.) of Skendrick was terrorized by a terrible dragon and then saved by an unlikely band of heroes. Told by the stunningly beautiful, smart, hilarious,Continue reading “The Part about the Dragon Was (Mostly) True by Sean Gibson”

The Things We Do to Our Friends – Heather Darwent

I, Hannah, read this book for NetGalley, and it is out today. This book follows Clare, who wants a fresh start in college. And to finally make new friends. When she falls in with a dynamic group of rich children, she is shoved into their lives. But will they reveal her dark past? This bookContinue reading “The Things We Do to Our Friends – Heather Darwent”

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute – Talia Hibbert

I, Laura, read this wonderful book by Talia Hibbert, out today!! We are huge stans of Hibbert on OWWR Pod, and this did not disappoint! Celine is a conspiracy theorist who marches to the beat of her own drum. Brad is a sci-fi fanatic whose life seems to be perfect. They used to be friends,Continue reading “Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute – Talia Hibbert”

IndieMission Pt. 2

Y’all, we are so excited to start our next round for IndieMission, coined by Hannah last time! We want to take this time to highlight an Indie author, and we will read someone from this lineup voted on by all of you! We changed up the lineup this time, added a few, and did AContinue reading “IndieMission Pt. 2”

Hannah’s January Reads

Hannah read nine books this January. She really enjoyed all of them. She read a few fantasy novels, a few general fiction, and even was able to get to one nonfiction novel (never her strong suit). So without further ado, here are the books Hannah read. Follow her on Instagram at brews.and.books for her overallContinue reading “Hannah’s January Reads”